Nursery class webpage
Nursery class webpage

FreeLife Nursery Services


FLAG Nursery Admin: Holly Elkins



All Nursery services start at Sunday at 10 AM and end at the time the congregation is dismissed from Sunday service. The child will only be dismissed with the same parent that signed the child in. There will be no nursery service given on other night services. The facility will be open for parents to use while night sessions/studies are running. All parents are responsible to maintain the area clean when they finish utilizing it. No child is to be left alone or with a minor during service. FLAG is not liable for injuries or situations if and when this rule is broken. All announcements will be posted on the FLAG website. You are responsible to check for updates.

All Volunteers – Every parent must commit to taking turns in the nursery if your child receives services. This includes clean-up and activities. Most volunteers will be posted on the calendar 1 year in advance in order for parents to plan according (vacation or sick days). Nursery must be left clean before closing.


All volunteers must seek out a parent if a child becomes too disruptive and not directly intervene by spanking, hitting or touching the child in a forceful way. No yelling or shouting at the children. Firm voices are allowed if necessary. Any volunteer caught in such behavior will be eliminated from the list of service and will not be allowed in the nursery.

Time Out

Every child that misbehaves will be in time-out for 1 minute per child year. They will either sit or be placed in the crib until they stay calm.


FLAG church does not promote or require any specific curriculum over another, unless noted by the AG council. Nursery will only accept children 0-3 years of age. The activities may vary according to the Sunday they fall on and how the weather is outside.

Health and Immunizations

Every child’s parents will be required to fill out a form to keep on file for each child.

Sick children will not be admitted into the nursery if and when:

  • Child is ill with contagious virus/bacterial infection
  • Child has a fever
  • Child has no vaccines

Understand that we do this for safety reasons

Lunch and Snacks

Parents are responsible to bring a bagged or box lunch for their child. This will include any snacks or special item diet the child may have. Lunchtime will be from 12-12:30 and parents can come in and help with their child if they like. On warmer days, lunchtime will be outside. Volunteers can bring their own lunch to eat with the children. Eating and drinking will be on the table or in a high chair.


Please see Holly Elkins for donations to the nursery. Items needed on a continuous basis are as follows:

Juice (Apple or Fruit)
Animal crackers or crackers that do not contain peanuts
Finger paints
Men’s long-sleeve shirts
Toddler toys in good condition and complete
Gallon water


Youth Volunteers – Only one youth volunteer per Sunday. They must be over 16 years of age and not be sick at the time of volunteering. If they are ill they need to report it to allow for another youth to substitute.

No pictures are allowed to be taken and placed on the Internet without prior approval from the child’s parents. This includes pictures posted on FB or any personal profile site.


Little tot with painted hands!
Little tot with painted hands!







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